Terrorism As A Huge National Security Problem Essay

Terrorism As A Huge National Security Problem Essay

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Many developed nations have seen terrorism as a huge national security problem. Even though, world leaders do not have the same vision and strategy against this problem. The U.S. leaders also have mixed feeling about terrorism. If you look at the recent presidential campaign in the U.S., Mr. Donald Trump sees Islamic religion as a problem, instead of Islamic radical groups, where domestic politics will create constraints for any government. My understanding of realism, it deals with power, basically military and economic power. The U.S. has a huge interest in the Middle East, and around the world because of its hegemonic characteristics. The terrorist groups also know they have to deal with the super power to achieve the goal. Non state terrorist actors are very important and serious parties in any types of national and international conflict. Ignoring these actors can be harmful for the present ruler as well as national and international politics. Despite the fact, when national and international governments use power and force against non-State terrorism, does that lead to an armed conflict with State and non-State groups. Looking at the conflict in the Middle East, most of the conflict escalated because of government’s repression against the minorities.
Realists often believe that nation states are main actors in the international system, which mean this school of thought ignored the non-state actors, such as terrorist and corporations. However, this model emphasizes on nation-state, where terrorism can be built as a powerful threat. Even realists have often ignored terrorism, favoring on the notion that crime-fighting, which can be addressed by nation states. Thus, the structural realist idea can be applied to internal and ex...

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...roups (national/international) are playing a role for psychological fueling upon general people, creating more tension, aggression and arise the conflict. Increasing aggression lead to the terrorism act, where youths are joining ISIS and other terrorist organization. The young generation does not have reliable source to live a decent life. This causes to radicalization and joining in a terrorist group. The perceive a discrepancy between value expectations and value capabilities, and relative deprivation is the tension within your actual state and what you feel and you should be able to accomplish. Having a good house, regular income, good health care, education are normal expectations of every person, but it is not necessarily available for many people. When people do not have value capabilities, the aggression would be rising and it leads to violence and terrorism.

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