Terrorism And Our Modern Day Future Essay

Terrorism And Our Modern Day Future Essay

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By defining terrorism, we can begin to look at what terrorism really is about. It is not just coercion, but it’s also revenge. It is the deliberate act of killing innocent people in order to achieve a terrorist’s political and religious goals. To justify terrorism equals justifying the innocent slaughter. Terrorism challenges the natural need for humans to see their world as predictable, orderly, and controllable. The violence of terrorism in its many forms is abhorrent to all that believe human life is a gift of god and therefore infinitely precious. Terrorism is a complicated phenomenon and the evils of it are one of the greatest threats to our modern day future.

The definition of terrorism is very subjective, as the actions that some people regard as terroristic might be regarded as others as freedom fighting or some other much more positive term than terroristic. The major Sociological Perspective (Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactions) offer some very different understandings of terrorism. Yet together they capture the major dimensions of these two forms of conflict (terrorism and war). Functionalism emphasizes the ways in which terrorism and subsequently the war that precedes it as being useful for society, including the creation of social solidarity, contribution of scientific and technological developments, and also may help in the preservation of freedom and democracy. Conflict Theory states how terrorism and the war it wages against it advance the interests of the military-industrial complex, while in turn the militarism taking away from the unmet social needs. And lastly Symbolic Interactions emphasize the importance of symbols in support for terrorism or war and the experience of the civilians and...

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...ranting it reign over our existences.

A Free Society’s reaction (America, Canada, Great Britain, etc.) to terrorism should be the same as all other societies’ reactions. We need to take on just one reaction by unifying and conveying the message that the act of terrorism will no longer be tolerated or publicized/ glorified into any media outlets. Our children’s innocence will no longer be lost to random acts terror in order to fulfill their own selfish propagandas. However in reality, we must understand that as long as humans exist, there will be crime, there will be terrorism. The root of terrorism is such a complex phenomenon that it will never be truly stopped, only be slowed. We now more than ever must continue to be diligent in our fight against terror as, “Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless.” –B.F. Skinner (An Early Educational Theorist)

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