Terrorism And How It Affects The World And Will Essay example

Terrorism And How It Affects The World And Will Essay example

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The definition of terrorism is the use of violence and means of intimidation for political, religious, and ideological reasons. This paper will discuss the topic of terrorism and how it affects the world and will also give a more in depth evaluation of the most imminent threat to national security. After the terrorist attack to the twin towers on September 11th 2001 the United States has become more aware of the threats against them. Furthermore after 9/11 the department of homeland security was created in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States as well as reduce America 's vulnerability to terrorism and minimize the amount of recovery time it takes to bounce back from a terrorist attack. This paper will provide possible types of terrorist attacks and how the United States can nationally and internationally prepare and prevent the attacks from occurring.

The current global picture of terrorism
Before the cold war global security mainly focused on interstate war. When the cold war ended during the 1990s an entirely new global security came to the main stages. International wars. By the early 21st century, new global threats emerged. An example of this was the attack to the twin towers on September 11th 2001 against the United States. While this event demonstrated the challenge of international terrorism, other events such as multiple countries gaining information to make nuclear weapons also caused distress. Terrorism is a growing issue. There was a high level of terrorist attacks during the early 2000’s. Many of the attacks were from religious group called Al-Qaeda who is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups today. In the past year, the country with the most terrorist attacks was Iraq, foll...

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...recruits on social Media. The largest, most successful movement to counter ISIS online is comprised of anonymous civilians known as hacktivists and Ghost Security. They are a group hackers that have used their skill for counterterrorism and have disrupted many of ISIS’ attempts to raise funds, launch attacks in the US and recruit. These helpful social media users have also had significant impact on slowing ISIS’ online operations.
Another form of prevention at the international level would be to keep putting pressure on isis to surrender. Capture the fighters that isis had and also have better patrol areas to guard isis boarders to stop new recruits from joining the area. Soldiers could also cut off the supplies imported into ISIS. Lastly, the Americans as well as other countries could come together to try to either contain or end ISIS all together in a final battle.

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