Terrorism : A Great Evil Essay

Terrorism : A Great Evil Essay

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Terrorism has nothing to do with a certain race or a religion. It has to do with issuing fear into people’s lives and turning them upside. Terrorists are just evil humans who want to try and get people to do what they want. Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation to get people’s attention for political reasons. It’s something that happens a lot, one of the most talked about acts of Terrorism was 9/11, where the Twin Towers fell because of the act of violence. It’s a big act of Terrorism that will forever change the way we view life. The 9/11 attacks have been called evil, but it has been compared to the Holocaust. People have argued that it’s not as great of an evil because it didn’t result in as much death. I disagree, that even though it didn’t have as many deaths it is still a great evil. You can’t compare two different events, based on the fact that there wasn’t as many deaths in the 9/11 attacks as in the Holocaust. An evil act is an evil act.
People lost their lives, people were terrified, families lost loved ones and people have been angry sense. Being angry is something I think we are allowed to be. Especially after an event like 9/11. If you’re going to be mad about something it seems as if something like this is perfect to be mad at. We can’t expect people to just be sad, anger helps us to identify that as humans we have a wide range of human emotions. Terrorism makes me mad, because it angers me that anyone can go out of their way to purposely hurt other humans. These terrorists were cowards, who wanted to make sure people lost their lives. All just for a political statement. The Aristotelian approach says that anger is a good thing, which I agree with. Aristotelian believed that it is okay to be ang...

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...technology is making it possible for terrorist to try and get their point across easier and farther along. Are we supposed to ignore them or are we supposed to react to it. Terrorism sense 9/11 has changed the way we view the world. When these types of events happen the world has a way of pulling together. We light up our national monuments to show them our support. Even though terrorist do all these evil acts, it seems as if just pulls us together.
Terrorism in the United States happens a lot, it also happens in other parts of the world like Afghanistan, Iraq and Paris. It’s not just central to the United States. These acts of violence with the people involved just shows us how evil and morally inept people are. We can’t expect for it to stop but most people will agree that terrorism is wrong. It’s not something that can be justified under any circumstances.

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