The Terror Of Osama Bin Laden Essay

The Terror Of Osama Bin Laden Essay

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Terrorist organizations all start from an individual or group of people sharing a vision of something they wish to see done within their country or in the world. The terrorist organization al-Qaeda started when Osama bin Laden wanted to start something to better the lives of the Muslim community in the middle east. Osama bin Laden was a freedom fighter in the Afghan-Soviet war and helped repel the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. After the Afghans fought off the attack bin Laden went on to start-up his Jihad organization al-Qaeda. This helped fuel the radical Islamic followers to continue their violent crusade in the middle east and to help push their message of having a Muslim supreme world. The main reason that bin Laden was able to do all this is that he knew how to tap into emotions in people, especially in the Muslim community and have them fight for him and his cause.
Osama bin Laden exhibits traits of a charismatic leader and understands how to communicate with not only his followers, but with the people who resist him and are trying to remove him. This charismatic gift that he had allowed him to control people to do things that they otherwise would not be doing or how to convey his message into something that will come off as a positive result. He used this power of manipulation to tap into the psychology of defeat that the Muslims were feeling because they felt they were weaker than people of other religion. He used this psychology of defeat to target people in western societies and of mainly christian faiths.This emotion that he tapped into is what caused people to be so radicalized that they went and committed the horrible crimes on the United States on September 11, 2001. These accomplishments and skills that bin Laden ha...

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...rist organization with multiple layers of hierarchy. This system proved to be very successful for him for a long time until he had to go into hiding and eventually was killed by the American special forces. In the wake of Osama bin Laden 's death al-Qaeda has still not disbanded and is still running but has been overshadowed by the “Islamic State”. Baghdadi may run a different form of recruiting and public image, but being that he was a former al-Qaeda member he took a lot of the structure and inspiration learned from bin Laden and adopted it into his own organization. Osama bin Laden’s message and way of structuring a terrorist organization like a well ran business with various levels of hierarchy is something that could be seen in future terrorist organizations and it is essential that law enforcement receives proper education and training in order to dismantle it.

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