Essay on The Terrible Shame Of A Technological Faux Pas

Essay on The Terrible Shame Of A Technological Faux Pas

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As you know, technology is advancing everyday. It is becoming more convenient throughout daily life. And you see that is the problem we have today; everyone is okay with just being comfortable. Comfort can get the best of you and embarrassing things can happen. You 'll send text messages to the wrong person or accidentally make a private post public. These simple errors can have disastrous effects, but you can implement a safety net to try and avoid the horrible shame of a technological faux pas.
Honestly: most mistakes can be avoided with a little forward thinking. However, even the best of us get overwhelmed or lazy. We don 't always think our actions through 100 percent because that requires a constant level of vigilance that no human can master. I have a friend who went on an uncomfortable date. The guy she was seeing was driving recklessly and acting nuts. Rather than telling her date, she sent a text message to another friend describing the situation—or at least he thought she did. Instead, the date received the message. Needless to say, the remainder of the evening was a bit awkward.
I got a good laugh out of this prompt because unfortunately it happens all the time!
How ironic is it, that I was talking to my mom the other day and she was telling me she had a pretty embarrassing moment that day. She got an email from someone who worked for her, but had a few questions pertaining to it so she then forwarded it to co-worker with a fresh pair of eyes. She was heading into a meeting and informally jotted out her verbose questions and hit send. To say she was mortified is just the tip of the iceberg. She apologized and explained the situation. Luckily, the original sender was totally understanding which was a giant sigh of r...

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...ons, if you find you send problematic texts and emails too often you ought to develop some better habits. Before you press the send button, stop and look. Read everything before you send it, and look up at the recipient. You may forget to do this a few times, but the more you make a conscious effort to remember the more you 'll actually remember. This won 't prevent mistakes, but it 'll help you avoid them more often and not have to rely on apps and features that won 't always solve the problem either.
In the event you screw up and send something really terrible you essentially have two choices: pretend it was a joke and hope the recipient believes you or—my preference—tell the truth and apologize. Mistakes happen, we say stupid things when we think the wrong person won 't hear us, and most everyone can work to a place of forgiveness if you give them cause to do so.

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