Essay on Termination And The Ethical Dilemma

Essay on Termination And The Ethical Dilemma

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The Fatal Choice
Choosing to Terminate the Pregnancy
Termination and the Ethical Dilemma
While a number of families choose to continue the pregnancy, despite a fatal diagnosis by the physician, there are also countless reasons why families choose to terminate. A few of the determining factors in this decision are, considering the quality of life of the child if they are born, the effect of this on both the family and the child, the severity of the abnormality, and the woman’s age (Lyus, R., Creed, K., Fisher, J., & McKeon, L. (2014). No article expresses the word happiness alongside termination when discussing the pregnancy. It is explained that there is an internal feeling of contentment that they are decreasing the suffering of the fetus and themselves, they get to the mourning stage easier when they see the baby and see the malformations for themselves, and there is also a sense of relief that their decision is right and the only thing they can do to help their child (Ferreira da Costa, Hardy, Duarte Osis, & Faúndes, 2005). Various negative feelings associated with ending the pregnancy are that the families felt pressured to make this decision, the mother feels loss of moral self-esteem that leads to feelings of guilt, loss of social self-esteem, and a feeling of failure (Keefe-Cooperman, 2005). There is also controversy stating that termination can lead to disagreements, problems in the relationship, rage and anguish (Ferreira da Costa et al., 2005). The decision to terminate is discussed as not being an easy one and it is filled with both negatives and positives, but in the end there is a sense of relief for the child and optimism for future pregnancies.
Terminating the Pregnancy and the Media
This section will discuss med...

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...ed, and used multiple social media sites to document the completion of bucket list items for her unborn child. Despite the diagnosis, they celebrated the life of their child and brought everyone on a remarkable journey. The baby, born on October 9, 2014, later died in his mother’s arms, and she had this to say, “We are so grateful for the time that we were blessed to hold and hug our son,” (News, 2014). This is not the first or last article related to the decision to continue a fatal pregnancy. There are articles, studies, and multiple news media coverage’s on stories similar to the example given. This family chose to continue their pregnancy, even though the odds of their child making it were stacked against them, and once he was born, they enjoyed the time they had with him, however short it was. The next section focuses on the decision to terminate the pregnancy.

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