The Term “Marriage” Should Have No Boundaries Essay

The Term “Marriage” Should Have No Boundaries Essay

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The topic of gay marriage is an issue that our nation is undecided upon. While several states including the state of Vermont have passed laws allowing homosexual couples to marry, most of the U.S. is against these rights and consider them immoral. Many believe that gay and lesbians deserve no rights at all and should never be allowed to marry. On the other hand, others believe that these individuals deserve all rights just as everyone else and should have the same privileges as heterosexual couples do. This essay will attempt to discuss the laws surrounding gay marriage, the religious views, and the debate concerning children in homosexual homes. This report will attempt to explain how a classical theory would resolve the issues pertaining to the subject of gay marriage.
The Laws Surrounding Gay Marriage
We live in a nation that allows a habitual rapist out of jail to only commit the same crime again yet as a nation, most stand firmly in the opposition against same sex couples having the right to marry (Mucciaroni, 2008, pg. 205). Clearly we as a nation need to take a closer look at the reasoning behind our choices and assess the true legality of denying anyone the right to marry.
The United States clearly has an extensive history of sexual ideology. A narrow outline of not only ethical behaviors but sexual behaviors as well has been in place in our country dating back to the founding of the nation. Boundaries have been in place pertaining to how children are expected to function within a family, the correct responsibilities and the very conduct for which heterosexual couples must abide to in the union of marriage (Herdt, 2009).
Affording the rights that heterosexual couples are entitled to has not been easy for ...

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...: 10.1353/foc.2005.0018

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