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Term Assignment : Alternate Assessment Essays

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1. Alternate Assessment
Alternate assessments are a different form of ways to assess students with the most severe cognitive disabilities. They also provide aid for students with disabilities who may need different ways to access assessments, alternate assessments are included in the educational system. Alternate assessments are generally for students that are unable to take general state tests even with accommodations. There are multiple different types of alternate assessments, one type is Alternate Assessments Based on Alternate Achievement Standards (AA-AAS), the AA-AAS is for students with severe cognitive disabilities. This assessment compares students taking this specific assessment. They are at a reduced complication and still cover grade-level content. In my opinion, these assessments would be extremely beneficial in a classroom with students of disabilities.
Alternative Assessment (Authentic
2. Assessment, Performance Assessment)
Authentic Assessment is when the teacher evaluates by asking for the behavior the learning is intended to produce. In this model, the students know what an excellent performance must look like and they are guided to practice and prepare to show an excellent performance. The goals of authentic assessment is to gather evidence that students can use knowledge effectively and are able to critique their own efforts. There are many different tasks used and they are all extremely valuable and vital. Authentic assessment can be used at any point in the learning process and can be extremely helpful or not helpful at all.
3. Analytic Scoring
Analytic scoring is a type of rubric scoring that separates the whole into small subcategories of criteria that...

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