Tenure or Eternity? Essay

Tenure or Eternity? Essay

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We as a nation have become accustomed to protecting that which is unworthy. The educational standing of our nation is linked directly to what is being taught and practiced in everyday classrooms. The rapid decline in education is due to the fact that tenure allows unmotivated teachers to maintain their jobs without any repercussions for their mistakes. We need to reform the face of tenure and give the children a chance to learn valuable instruments of society.
School districts are searching for new methods to inspire our teachers. There has been a failed attempt, put in place during the year of 2010, to reform the face of tenure by the Department of Education. Present tenure as a reward to teachers who have excelled in three categories of evaluation: impact on student learning, instructional practice, and professional contributions. Principals are only to grant tenure to instructors who show evident effectiveness in each category. (Teaching) Though, this practice has not done much to improve the process of handing out tenure to unqualified teachers. It has been seen firsthand how a teacher reacts when being evaluated by an administrator. Teachers promptly rise up from their desk when their boss is in the room. Yet, as soon as the figurehead leaves the room and the coast is clear, the teacher thanks their students for being well behaved during their evaluation and jointly they retire back into their lethargic educational progressions . These are the type of teachers who should be not be teachers because if they can trick an administrator, someone supposed to see through anyone's bluff, into believing that they’re productive they deserve an Emmy. How does a teacher who can keep a classroom in order for two or three minutes quali...

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...be making accommodations for us.
Numerous times we have done our very best to change the outcome of how our teachers perform. Yet, as long as tenure bares a protective arm around them, teachers are free to teach and roam without a sense of legitimate purpose. We must morph the way we approach educating as a whole before we can shape our future educators.

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