The Tensions of the Changing 1920s Essay

The Tensions of the Changing 1920s Essay

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History is an abundance of movements that demonstrate the changes in societal ideals and beliefs, it also conveys the struggle many people had to maintain conservative ideas. The 1920s was a major time frame when many changes occurred and began, it is the epitome of the struggle between a changing nation and the Conservatives who want it all to stay the same. The power struggle between the Conservatives and the rebellious members of society had been going on for years but it was the passing of the Volstead Act, which had kicked started the Prohibition, that created an explosive change throughout the society. Drinking became fashionable, everyone wanted to do it because it was forbidden. With one law being broken people began to break the societal norms; woman drank and smoked in public, blacks were becoming popular in society, and even the accepted religious facts were called into question. This disregard for the norms caused an uproar throughout society and were the main tensions between old and new ideal; the tension stemmed from the ideals about women, blacks and religion.
Early on in the 20s woman began to change both in actions and appearance; they had short hair, had dresses showing ankles,began smoking and drinking in public. There was an uproar, especially from the conservative woman. Up until this time women were portrayed as perfect home makers that only cared for the home, their children and their husbands. But the era changed and with it the style too, the 1920s brought along a new desired fashion, the flapper. Flappers were portrayed as rebellious youth who had short hair, flashy clothes, bold make-up and listened to jazz. While many women of the 1920s were not flappers, the fashion did catch on, therefore the “scanda...

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... But the damage was already done, the trial wasn’t truly about if Scopes was guilty but ultimately the role of religion in society especially schools, and the Bryan’s mistake at the trial left the argument wide open. This issue is still being addressed to this day, no one knows if their is a right answer and it still causes tensions between the conservatives and liberals of society.
The 1920’s was a decade of glamour, change, and problems. It created the blocks needed for many social reforms to take off from but it was a tense period of time. So many changes had happened at one time, making all conservatives irritated and not fast enough for some liberals. Like any good battle this one lasted throughout the ages and still continues today, just with different subject matter. While some arguments haven’t changed some new ones have been added to our list of conflicts.

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