Tension Between The Three European Superpowers Essay

Tension Between The Three European Superpowers Essay

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Throughout recent history, three countries always are involved in European and national affairs. These countries are Great Britain, France, and Germany. Each has had its own thirst for power, along with relationships and conflicts with one another. However, with these countries clashing, comes great tensions, some of which that have devastating effects. These countries have had a large voice in shaping the world into how we see it today, and also are a big part of modern problems we deal with. Each country had its beginning, and a rise to greatness. They have also had their radical ideas of what the world should be like, and how they would rule it. Also, one must not forget the problems each has had with the others. There are three main events throughout history have caused great tension between these three superpowers.
Before Britain became the superpower it stands to be, it shifted through many hands. Humans have inhabited the island for more than 30,000 years, with the true civilization starting in the Iron Age with a people called Britons. Romans conquered and controlled the island for 500 years, when invading Germanic tribes fought for land. They divided the land into Scotland and England. Then, during the 10th century, Normans conquered England. These French elite ruled until the 16th century. On October 20th, 1604, King James became the first true ruler of both countries, however each remained its own country until 1707, when the Treaty of the Union unified the parliament. It wasn’t until the 18th century that England rose to become the world’s colonial power, rivaled by France. This was the start of a long line of tensions and conflicts.
France was first settled by the Celts in around 2500 B.C. They ruled an area c...

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