The Tension Between Father And Son Essay

The Tension Between Father And Son Essay

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Coming into the room and he are already angry I could feel the heat coming off my father you could cook an egg on his forehead. He had that distinct face of having no more words and going to peer anger if I did not know him any better I would think steam would start coming out of his ears. His face boiled red he could not get out half words because the anger was just taking him over. We start screaming at each other at the top of our lungs. We say things that you would never dream of saying outside of this argument we are having now. This is another typical every other few days arguments we would have. All this anger between father and son for what? My grades in school that 's what. When you have the same argument over and over again when you hit that point when you would start to get angry you instantly go through the roof.
I felt like a normal kid maybe talked a little bit more but definitely nothing I thought that would shake the world of my teacher. But apparently she thought I was the devil but I was trying to be an angle. I now know when I look back at this year of schooling I know she just hated me and I still don’t know why? My mom and dad had multiple meeting with her and the principle. The meetings ended in not to much of a change Just my mom and dad not liking my teacher more and more. I then found out what my mom and dad were fighting with my teacher about. My teacher was demanding I take something for my “Disorder” they tested me and found me having ADHD. With that my teacher got what she wanted was was placed on 74mg of concerta it is the generic form of ritalin. 74mg is the maxed dose so a kid my age got hit hard by that. I turned into a zombie I went from a very talkative funny kid to a shutout that did not even ta...

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...go to work or school. Not that I do that now because I love school now I just found out I should love it a little too late.
From being a zombie to a boy that is behind in learning from messing around in high school to a kid that improved 10x in junior high in one year. Back to a flunking student not 2 years later all of my school experience have hurt and helped me but it has lead me to where I am now a motivated and wanting to do good for me community college student.

There is a lot I have to work on and still need to add the connection to the reading sorry it was late and I missed last class had a family emergency and I was struggling on getting it all flowing on there I found a good flow a day too late though.. I want to do good but I always find myself going back to high school and I kick myself for it any tips to keep on myself would be nice

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