Essay about Tennis: A Sport for Everyone

Essay about Tennis: A Sport for Everyone

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When I was a child, I was extremely skeptical of tennis. Many times when I visited my aunt, she would be intently watching tennis on her large, homely television. I did not understand her fascination at the time. I, like many others, did not appreciate the lure of the sport, and deemed it boring for many years. Then the summer before high school came, and I was looking for something new, so I decided to attend the county’s tennis camp. This, as I later realized, was the best decision I ever made. In October, I tried out for the tennis team and was the only freshman brought onto the team. At this time, I did not have any friends on the team and was not involved in many activities.
Through my four years on the team, I have met some of the best people I know because of tennis. I believe that this, along with my success at becoming number one on the team, has contributed to my success in other areas in life. If not for tennis, I would not have gained the confidence to pursue other new activities, made the connections I have now, and gained the wonderful experiences that I have, such as volunteering to teach children about tennis for the past three years.
People hear “tennis” and associate it with snooty people in country clubs and believe it to be a boring rich person’s sport. I am seeking to debunk these myths and also give good reasons as to why this sport is a good choice, such as emotional well-being and health. Parents should encourage their children to play tennis because the kids will have fun, be more active, and, additionally, it gives the parents a chance to be more active in their children’s lives.
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Children have seemingly endless amounts of energy, and it is important to find a fun and exciting out...

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...steoporosis. Essentially, no matter how young or old, there are many health benefits related to tennis.
Tennis is not only something I am passionate about and love to teach, but it is a fun activity that I believe everyone should try. Tennis, as well as other physical activities, is currently an important subject because children have become extremely less active in just a matter of a couple of decades. Tennis gives them a chance to be more active and have fun, but
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also improves their health and well-being in countless ways and gives them a chance to bond with family.

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