Essay Ten Years Earlier

Essay Ten Years Earlier

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Ten Years Earlier…

This had to the the single most disappointing bit of news Lerak tr’Pexil heard since arriving on the Talon: a new, very skilled engineer would soon arrive to replace him. Daise’Engineer tr’Nimrod had only just informed him that this new engineer was an AQS specialist and would be taking over his duties in that area.

“What is left for me to do?” Lerak thought to himself as he clutched his duty ISD, “Clean?” Just then, he received a message on the device — a special assignment from the Daise about the new scout ship conversions that were being implemented fleet-wide. Out loud the Arrain exclaimed with frustration, “Great, shoved out of my job and the engineering deck.”

“Au are going to just step aside and let some inexperienced Erein come in and take over?” a passing Ne’Arrain asked, hearing his rant.

“I have little choice in the matter. Her credentials are quite impressive,” Lerak answered.

“Credentials are na everything,” he pointed out before moving on.

Lerak held still while contemplating the Ne’Arrain’s words. He was inclined to agree, but he wouldn’t know for certain until he met this “Laehval.” Unfortunately for him, he did not have long to wait.
Shortly before the start of the next shift, the new female Erein arrived aboard the Talon, materializing on the transporter pad a few decks, already dressed in engineering attire. The stoic woman stepped down and held up a hand to stop the operator’s inquiry, speaking firmly, “I know the layout, hann’yyo.”

Laehval kept on walking and the door closed behind her more quickly than the hapless operator could react. She knew the layout of the ship more intimately than anyone could imagine; she had been assistant team leader in the shipyards when th...

... middle of paper ...

... challenge her further.

“Au do that. Careful not to treat those around au like slaves,” he spat. “At first this meeting was merely to agitate, then I thought, na I should reach out to this woman, no matter how cold her icy exterior. Seems my first thought was the true io.” Pexil was shaken, raising his voice unnaturally.

“It is fortunate that we will na be working the same shift,” she shot back, her voice also rising in anger as she strode out of his quarters, “and I will be most pleased to never have dealings with au on this ship, ever again!”

Her last words were accompanied by the door closing behind her. The lone engineer got out a tiny sealed vial from his pocket that contained a colorless liquid of deadly proportions. Lerak got up and shoved it deep in a drawer. He’d chosen na to use it… yet. He could na help but wonder if he had made the right decision.

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