Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish Essay

Ten Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish Essay

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10 reasons why you should learn Spanish

Anyone who studies Spanish will tell you it is an interesting foreign language. Not only because of the sound of it, pronunciations and the articulation but also because it is new to them. Spanish people do not study Spanish if they already know it. However, Spanish like other foreign languages has advantages and effects that are desirable and essential to a learner that one dare not ignore. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the entire world. It has millions of native speakers and more in different continents.
First, learning Spanish opens the learner to new knowledge. A new language leaves us knowledgeable. Knowledge is admirable as it opens us up to new opportunities and to experiencing a different world in our minds. Spanish as a language has its own vocabulary. The more the vocabulary we learn, the more knowledgeable we become. It also ensures we can converse in more than one language. English for example has become too common in all continents. However, Spanish leaves learners a great and exotic touch of another language, new words, pronunciations, new rules regarding grammar, writing and so on. Who would trade knowledge for anything else?
Second, Spanish opens a learner up to a new culture. Every language originates from a culture. It is a community that comes up with norms and ways of doing things and a mode of communication. Languages are built on cultures. Their articulation and vocabulary revolve around the culture of a people. Spanish is a language used most commonly in Spain and in Europe. With millions of native speakers, it makes it possible for learners to interact with a new culture altogether. Although dialects differ depending on the country, most dominant cu...

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...o not come to ordinary politicians. It is important to thus learn Spanish to excel politically.
Spanish is also fun. Let us not forget that anything that does not interest the mind is a task to grasp. Spanish is among the most romantic and interesting languages of the world. For a learner, it makes it interesting to learn and grow in speech, reading and writing Spanish. Conversing in Spanish is admirably fun and is among the top reasons why many pick it among other foreign languages.
Lastly, any language has its own respectable qualities. Spanish enables learners to respect natives and to appreciate diversity in the world. We all desire to make the world a better place through respect and appreciation. Spanish brings exactly that to the table. It leaves learners equipped and ready to experience practically a new language that is respectable and appreciated by many.

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