Essay on Ten Myths Of Science And Myths

Essay on Ten Myths Of Science And Myths

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Ten Myths of Science
There are many myths when talking about science. Myths are usually routined views or stories that help make sense of things. Misunderstandings of science are most likely due to educational programs. The article focuses on ten myths.
The first myth discussed was that hypotheses become theories which become laws. This myth deals with the principle that there is a sequence for ideas before they are finally accepted. Some individuals believe that science is just a theory until it becomes a law. Although theories and laws have a relationship, one cannot be the other. Isaac Newton used the respect of gravity to make a distinction between theories and laws, but did not speculate publicly about the cause. This myth is misunderstood by many people.
The next myth was about a hypothesis being an educated guess. Hypothesis has three definitions, but Isaac Newton referred to hypothesis as representing an immature theory while Sonleitner suggested that a word like explanatory hypothesis should be used. Another method would be to rid of the word hypothesis and favor terms like speculative law or theory. With proof, hypotheses may become laws, while speculative theories become theories, but theories would never become laws. When students think of the word “hypothesis” they assume it means predication, but they should be taught what the word hypothesis really means.
The third myth talks about the idea that a general and universal scientific method does exists with common steps. The steps that are included in most pre-college textbooks are defining the problem, gathering background information, forming a hypothesis, making observations, testing the hypothesis, drawing conclusions, and communicating the results, but this met...

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...without conducting experiments. Darwin used speculation about observations and now Darwin’s discoveries are used by many scientists. Scientific knowledge is gained by observing, analyzing, speculating, investigating, and experimenting.
The last myth is all work in science is reviewed to keep the process honest. Usually, the last step is to communicate results so others may learn and evaluate research, but the findings of one scientist being checked by others is vanishing which has put science under suspicion. Scientific fraud does occur and without fraud the chances increase that errors go unnoticed. The failure to report what went wrong is an issue.
As explained, there are many different myths when it comes to science, but teachers and students believe these myths to be true. Science should be experienced without the myths by understanding the real rules of science.

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