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Ten Day Improvement Essay examples

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Exercising will not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you improve your Cardiovascular system. When I first began learning about my cardiovascular system, I wanted to see if I could really improve my Cardio in ten days. I started jogging to see what can actually improve my cardiovascular system. I found out fast that I was out of shape. I could only run a quarter of a mile before I ran out of breath, and my heartrate got too high. I decided I needed to improve my Cardio so I could live a longer life. I ran on my treadmill every day for ten days. Each day I got better and better. I was able to run farther and farther without my heart rate skyrocketing. Not only did I jog, but I also started to eat better. I ate more grains, vegetables, and fruits. I stopped eating junk food: chocolate, soda pop, and greasy foods. I didn’t think eating this healthy and running every day was going to help me, but it did! Not only am I losing weight I am also more confident and feeling happier. Exercising also helps you become a more healthy person. The steps in improving your Cardio aren’t very hard. People should try the easy steps to improve their Cardiovascular system because it will help them in many different ways.
There are many ways to improve your cardiovascular system, but one of the main ways is to exercise. “Just about anyone can improve his or her cardiovascular system just by taking simple steps.”(Perilla, Jisel). Any prolong exercise that keeps your heart rate going will help you improve your cardio.(Cardiorespiratory Fitness). There are many different types of exercises to do that keep your heartrate up, but most exercises are classified into groups. The different groups are classified as what exercises are better to hel...

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