The Ten Commandments Were Engraved On Two Stone Tablets Essay

The Ten Commandments Were Engraved On Two Stone Tablets Essay

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The Ten Commandments were engraved on two stone tablets. The first five commandments which were engraved in the first panel, handle the relationship of people with God; the second panel includes five commandments that deal with the relationship of people with their fellow men. The commandments are not a restrictive law of a tyrannically commanding God; it is a guide for our life. It follows an attempt deeper meaning of the Ten Commandments.
Commandment #1) You shall have No Other Gods before Me
The first commandment requires us to be religious. This means believing in God, loving him, offering him and serving him as the only true God, and creator of all things. It tells us, he is the ultimately only trustworthy where we can trust and believe in. God is the only one who controls all events. No other power neither the government nor superiors or partner can be good or harm us unless God has ordained it. Each of us has a special relationship with God, and no power can interfere in this relationship or disturb it.
Commandment #2) You shall not make any Idol.
The uniqueness of God shows us his dimensions in the whole world. It is forbidden to make a picture of God, a fixed idea because each image would only encompass a part of its being. It is always different and even greater than a human can imagine it. We do not need a picture in our head how God looks like because he is always with us. Also, we are able for changes and with this commandment he gives us development space for our thoughts and feelings to him.
Commandment #3) You shall not take the Name of the Lord in Vain.
The third commandment wants to protect the name of God from abuse. We do not use his name thoughtless and useless in situations; it is not in God´s thought to us...

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...want something that does not belong to us. We are leaving in a community where everyone is equal. God wants us to work and reach goals in our life. It starts when we are small children and it goes until we are adults, but God teaches us that we can exist and have a better life without.
Every society needs rules because without it everything is going on and over. The Ten Commandments are which Moses once received on Mount Sinai. They contain a list of religious and ethical rules that are fundamental and convey values such as mutual respect, loyalty, and truth of love. For faithful persons are the Ten Commandments the core of God 's revelation. They are mainly prohibitions, which can be interpreted as limits for otherwise permitted behavior. Not only hundreds of years ago the believers followed the right way, also nowadays the meaning of the commandments is important.

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