Essay on The Temporary Cessation Of Most Vital Functions Without Death

Essay on The Temporary Cessation Of Most Vital Functions Without Death

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The temporary cessation of most vital functions without death
- The narrator compares herself to the women in the paintings. Just as how they were “objects not in use,” the narrator feels that she is being kept from using the very parts of herself that make her who she is. Instead she is being treated as an inanimate object and only being used when needed.
- Theme of passivity. This demonstrates how terrible society had become in Gilead for the handmaids. That they had just as much as freedom and say over their bodies as a woman in a painting would.
The narrator now goes in depth with the character, Moira. I believe, the reason why the narrator gives a thorough description about her time spent with Moira, and not any of the other girls introduced in the first chapter, is because her character will have some sort of an impact on the narrator and is significant, therefore foreshadowing an event that will happen involving the too.
Theme of passivity. I was deeply saddened while reading this passage. The thought that something as horrific as gang rape was a thing these girls took pride in, was completely mortifying. Setting: this furthers our knowledge about the type of environment the characters grew up in and how girls were brought up believing that their virtue was nothing to take pride in.
The narrator contradicts about how she used to view her body to how she sees it now. Before, it had been an “instrument of pleasure.” It was a part of who she was, but now none of that seems to matter. Her body’s main purpose has become to reproduce and bear children.
Offreds flashbacks about her husband and child are so vivid and real that even she forgets, most of the time, that it’s just her imagining the whole scenario. I feel like thes...

... middle of paper ...

...eginning for her, and the fact that ‘the message’ was nothing more than a mere fantasy, she had imagined, shows her positivity.
The author has now revealed to us the reason behind why each handmaids name starts with an ‘Of.’ Each handmaid is named after her commander and the word ‘of’ comes before it to show possession.
Immediately at birth, the baby girl’s destiny was already planned. I believe Margaret Atwood uses this line to show how girls would never be happy, as if being born a girl was a pity and the fact that Offred is aware of this shows how serious the situation is.
Theme of subversion of authority. Moira had now become someone all the handmaids looked up to. She had done something most of them thought to be impossible. She now symbolized rebellion and gave the rest of the handmaid’s confidence to stand up against the Aunts and to not fear them as much.

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