Temple Grandin's Life and Accomplishments Essay

Temple Grandin's Life and Accomplishments Essay

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Autism, it is considered a death sentence when one is diagnosed with it. However, one

woman overcame all odds and changed the world. Despite her autism, Temple Grandin became

a well-known and well-loved book writer, helping thousands of people with autism.

Temple Grandin was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her mother's name was Eustacia,

but her father is rarely ever mentioned. Eustacia noticed that Temple was a different kind of

child. She had said nothing, she did not like being hugged or touched, and she did not play like

other kids played. At age four, in the year 1950, her mother took her to a doctor who then asked

several questions about Temple before making the diagnoses that she was autistic. Eustacia

refused to believe that Temple would not interact much or well with the world and immediately

got to work. She tried to teach her daughter to speak and do things like any other person.

Finally, the day came that Temple spoke her first world. Her mother could not believe it. It was

a big step in Temple's young life.

Boarding school came and boarding school came, each time Temple doing something to

get herself kicked out. Her mother took her to a boarding school in New Hampshire. This school

accepted Temple despite what she had done at the other schools and her autism. She did not

want to go at first, but her mother was able to talk her into it. This once again gave Temple

another big step in her life. There were subjects that she excelled in, but there were also others

that she became frustrated with. Algebra was one of her frustration subjects. “But how can an x

be two y's?!” (“Temple Grandin” 3). Subjects such as biology and shop class were classes that...

... middle of paper ...

... a death sentence.

http//www.temple grandin.com/

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