The Tempest And Peter Weirs, Film, Dead Poets Society Essay

The Tempest And Peter Weirs, Film, Dead Poets Society Essay

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Discoveries, driven by wonder or necessity, can be challenging and confronting, compelling people to leave their comfort zones. This can be provocative, leading to emotional and intellectual responses. This concept is explored in Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest”, and Peter Weirs, Film, Dead Poets Society (1989). In Shakespeare’s play, the characters portray a moralistic experience and rediscover the necessity of compassion and emotion because of abusive, intellectual power leading them to re-evaluate their relationships with other characters. Similarly, In Peter Weirs, Dead poet society, it elucidates the transformative power of introspection that cultivates emotional and intellectual response, leading to self-discovery. Both texts explore the concept of renewed perspectives and seek to evoke an emotional epiphany within the reader through provocative discoveries. Through analyzing these texts and its character’s experiences, responders gain a deeper understanding of emotional and intellectual responses.
Examining the obsessive desire for authority, in the tempest reveals the consequence of the abuse of power, provoking a rediscovery of compassion and self, leading to the restoration of humanity. This has been cultivated through Prospero. Who is a multi-layered character that is depicted as a father, magus and god/ruler of the island, thus Prospero is learning to balance and redefine himself which often leads to his intellectual response to get the better of him. Prospero’s personal context of having come from Milan means he expects power when he comes to the island, which is evident in the motif of mater vs servant relationship which is manifested by his knowledge about dominance. Shakespeare has created a complex character of ...

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...l responses.
In contrast, discoveries, In the Dead Poets society can be provocative and confronting, which leads to emotional and intellectual responses. This is elucidated, in the boy's discovery of Neil’s death which is confronting, which that all deal with it in different ways. While Charlie, Pits, Meeks and Knox keep their initial values, Todd, however, discovers his courage through experience and ends up standing up for Mr Keating. Through this process of discovery, he found his confidence, his courage, and his ability to see things in a different perspective no longer is he timid and compliant. He has completely changed his worldview and his view of himself. The final shot films Todd from between another classmate’s legs, making him the dominant image in the center of the screen, standing on the table showing his new self-confidence. This further re-establishes

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