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The forest a tranquil, peaceful, and relaxing place; what makes a forest these things? Temperate forests are made of many living and nonliving things. By combining these factors the temperate forest biome is made. Temperate forests are not just a boring thing that never moves, they are a thriving landscape given to extensive life that rejuvenates the planet daily. The forest biome is known worldwide. Our own backyards are part of this biome.
Temperate forests are located on every continent except Antarctica and Africa. The biome can be found in the eastern portion of the United States as well as much of Europe, eastern Asia, and eastern Australia(see figure 1). The Appalachian Mountain Region of the United States is one example of a temperate forest biome. A large section of the temperate forest biome is located on the eastern coast of China and it extends northward towards Korea in which it transforms to a different biome, then a another section extends from the southern part of Siberia and continues on into the Korean Peninsula(see figure 1). Europe is largely covered in forest. The location causes the climate to be specific.

(Figure 1) Location of “temperate forests” (Marietta)
The climate of the temperate forest biome consists of an average temperature of ten degrees celsius, and temperatures ranging from negative thirty degrees celsius to positive thirty degrees celsius . The biome has a hot summer and cold winter. Temperate forests are located where they receive all four seasons. They have an average of seven-hundred and fifty to one thousand and five hundred millimeters of precipitation per year(see figure 2). As an example the Appalachian Mountain Region of the United States receive these conditions regularly. The...

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.... Human impact is destroying the forests, causing the lungs that rejuvenate the earth daily to die.

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