Telling The Truth Is Better Than Creating A Lie Essay

Telling The Truth Is Better Than Creating A Lie Essay

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The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller in the year 1953. The play is based on the actual historical event- the Salem Witch Trials of 1692- in which twenty people died due to hangings while seventeen died in prison. There are so many people can be blamed for the witch trials. One of those people would be John Proctor, because if he had not had that affair with Abigail before the witch-hunts, she would not have danced in the woods, or acted as a ringleader for the girls to attract his attention. Maybe if the affair had not happened, no one would have been accused of being a witch, be hung or thrown in prison and Salem would not be a big part of history anymore. In addition, he is guilty for not going to the court immediately after Abigail had confessed to him that the girls are frauds. Mrs. Ann Putnam is another person that I suspect could be a big part of the witch-hunts. She chose to believe in witches because I think it gave her a reason to how all her children mysteriously died right after birth or days and months later. I believe that she was one of the first people who immediately accused her daughter and Betty Parris of being witched. I think she may have given the girls especially Abigail the idea of accusing people of being witches. If Reverend Parris had never been wandering around the woods that night he would have never found the girls, frightened Ruth Putnam, and his daughter Betty into faking ill. He is also guilty for inviting Hale, a witchcraft expert, from another town to investigate, which caused many people to believe that there really are witches in Salem, and for supporting the court to protect his reputation rather than finding out the truth behind everything. There are other suspects but I thi...

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...fferently because of social and historical reasons such as, revenge under the disguise of goodness. Goody Putnam did this to Rebecca Nurse, because Rebecca Nurse was her midwife for most of her babies births, she thought to blame Rebecca for their death soon after giving birth to them. It made people see her as a good Christian and she got relief after mourning all those years for her dead children. People naturally believed that the children were innocent and therefore never turned against them but instead supported them. The Salem Witch Trials was a tragedy that could have been avoided if Reverend Parris had not been in the woods and if John Proctor had not slept with Abigail Parris. I think that even if these things had not happened, someone in Salem could have still discovered the children and started spreading the rumor about witches and witchcraft in Salem.

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