Essay about The Telling Of Fairy Tales

Essay about The Telling Of Fairy Tales

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Robin Ganz
Ross Borden
ENG 373- Essay #1
October 16, 2015
Fairy Tales
The telling of fairy tales has changed tremendously as they have been around for a great amount of time. As a child, fairy tails are read by someone who is older, that understands the deeper meaning of the tale. The Brothers Grimm tales were not meant to be for children because of the content that they contained. In Zohar Shavit criticism, he made the point that as time went on, fairy tales were transformed into ones that were more appropriate for children that did not contain all of the violence, sex, and dark meanings. They wanted children to look at the world in a different way than how it was intended for adults (Shavit 327). Literary critic, Robert Sale, once said, “The great traditional motive of fairy tales is to triumph over our deepest fears with our deepest wishes.” (Fairy Tales and After: From Snow White to E.B. White. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1978. 51). What this means is he believes that in fairy tales, desires are stronger than fears due to the want for something. Things in life can cause difficulty, but through the desires people have, it can all be overcome. This concept is apparent in the Brothers Grimm tale of “Little Red Cap”. Little Red Caps mother, also the narrator, feels unloved by her husband who is absent in this tale, as well as she is unsure how she truly feels about being a mother. When this tale is looked at from a deeper perspective, it is learned that the mothers wish is to be loved and not have to worry about her child that has come in the way of her and her husband, but there is a fear of not knowing what will happen if she lets her child go.
Analyzing Little Red Cap and understanding all of the underlying meanings...

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...ons of the mothers past and future show the fear she has about who she has become and who she will become eventually. Her desire to be with her husband is the triumph over her fear of losing him, which makes their love stronger and everything better in the end.

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