"Tell-Tale Heart" and Mental Disorders Essay

"Tell-Tale Heart" and Mental Disorders Essay

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Tell-Tale Heart is a short story by Edgar Allen Poe. The entire story is a confession of a brutal murder with no rational motive. The narrator repeatedly tries to convince the audience he hasn’t gone mad though his actions prove otherwise. To him his nervousness sharpens his senses and allows him to hear things from heaven Earth and hell. The narrator planned to kill his roommate whom had never wronged him and had loved dearly because he felt his pale blue eye was tormenting him. The narrator claims “his eye resembles that of a vulture.” The madman then goes on to explain how when the eye is on him his blood turns cold, and he has to get rid of the eye forever. He sneaks into his roommate’s room for seven nights at midnights and shines a beam of light from a lantern over the eye to find it closed. On the eighth night he repeats the same steps to find that this time the eye is open! The roommate senses someone’s presence and is alarmed. The narrator says that he knew his roommate was frightened because he could hear his heartbeat and had recognized that feeling of being scared. The narrator then attacks the man pushes him onto the floor and tosses the bed on top of him and kills him instantly. The narrator dismembers the body and places the pieces under the floorboards of the house. While doing this he’s amused with himself and what he has done. Moments later the police knock on the door because a neighbor has complained about the noise and heard someone shriek. The narrator says the shrieks came from him, but calmly assist the policemen inside to check for themselves. He hears a faint heartbeat. When they find nothing wrong with the scene, they all pull up chairs and converse. The longer they sit around the louder the heartbeat gr...

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