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Tell Me About Yourself Assignment Essay

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Tell Me About Yourself Assignment
Throughout my academic journey, I have been asked, “who I am” by a multitude of individuals (e.g. colleagues, professors, and complete strangers), and in response I have said that I am the summation of my experiences. At my core I am a family oriented individual as it is my family who has given me strength and positive qualities of working in a network throughout my academic journey. I am a first generation Mexican male college student, who began his academic journey at East Los Angeles College in remedial Math and English courses to surpass low expectations surrounding individuals had to transferring to a 4-year university with honors. I find myself as a mentor and role model to students at my community college of origin being apart of Puente, EOP&S, and the FYE program at ELAC. I am an i3 Scholar from the University of Pittsburgh, Information Science department through the i3 program, which allowed me the opportunity to not only conduct research with individuals across the United States but present set research in Berlin, Germany. I find myself privilege being UC Berkeley Alumni, as it was during my time at Berkeley that allowed me to first introduce to the counseling profession as a Peer Mentor and have my worldly views be challenge through Sociology course work and classmates. I see my self identifying as a strong Latino and not only Mexican as during my time working at the League of United Latin American Citizens allowed me to reflect my privilege of living in Los Angeles with others of my own culture and the existence of support program. Working at LULAC, I saw first hand how the politics and support for Latin@s that exist are not present everywhere and that the struggles each ethnic group f...

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...rt or long-term goals (Downing, 2016, p. 43-44). In trying to change the student’s mindset, both the student and myself fill out a SMART goals sheet; afterward the student repeats what is on the sheet, starting each sentence on the sheet with an “I” statement. Students begin to develop a “creator” mindset, as students start to take control of their goal setting through the SMART goal sheet (Downing, 2016, p. 43-44). Depending on the counseling session I would use my other strategies and methods that I have been taught in my graduate program as well as what I have learn from personal experience interacting with students in the past.
My passion in life is at the micro-level to assist students find clarity in resolving their problems and at the institutional level become an agent of change in being apart of programs and/or committees that are focus on student equity.

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