Essay on Televison: The Most Popular Appliance in The World

Essay on Televison: The Most Popular Appliance in The World

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Television is the most popular electronic appliance in the world. Being the most popular electronic appliance, it has had great impacts to many individuals in society. Television viewing comes with a myriad of positive effects of television. However, it has a number of negative effects especially in children that are of concern to society. Television viewing can have effects on people’s behavior. It also has a number of impacts in the fields of education, morals and health.
Television viewing plays a great role in socialising children. However, increased rates of viewing can lead to serious negative impacts to the young. Based on the statistics shown in the figure below you can understand the average television viewing in selected number of countries in 2007.

Effects of Television Viewing on Health
From the statistics provided on average viewing in the figure above, it can be concluded that the average television viewing in the noted countries is at least three hours a day. The figure shows a child seated in front of a television. Considering the manner in which the child is seated, it is evident that the child has an inclined television viewing behavior. Studies have shown that television watching for longer hours among children can lead to obesity. Watching television for a long time denies child an opportunity to play with others. Playing is a form of exercise which keeps the children healthy (Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2011).
By watching television for long hours, the child becomes inactive. According to Forstadt (2011, para 5) this “inactivity plays a huge role in weight gain…television watching consumes only a few calories than sleeping.” By watching television for long hours, the child...

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... that they can provide the necessary guidance.

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