Essay on Television Watching Game Of Thrones

Essay on Television Watching Game Of Thrones

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I’m sitting in rapt attention in front of the television watching Game of Thrones. A new scene begins and I see an actress that I recognize, but, for some reason, her name has slipped my mind. As I continue to watch, the fact that I cannot seem to remember this popular face begins to bug me. I pull out my phone and search for the familiar actress using a couple of keywords. A name pops up on my screen and I recognize the offending face. Putting my phone away, I turn my gaze back to the drama before me. What is so strange about this picture? Ask anyone from “Generation Y” and they might shrug. The miracle of instant information at our fingertips that our parents and grandparents only fantasized about is now commonplace. From Instagram, to selfies, to live streaming The Walking Dead, 21st century America has become addicted to the internet and the time and energy saving benefits it affords. However, is constant internet use intellectually or physically beneficial, or is it simply turning us into the zombies we all fear? While the many benefits that the web has to offer us are obvious, it is erroneous to think that every effect of the internet is positive. The internet and its rapidly advancing technology can cause lasting social, physiological, and psychological damage to the growing minds of the current generation.
Every new advance in technology has had its skeptics. Socrates cried foul with the introduction of the written word to convey information after thousands of years of oral traditions, saying that people used it to remember “not from within themselves, but through means of external marks” (Carr 177). Now, critics are beginning to say the same of computer technology. Ever since the groundbreaking invention in the form of t...

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...without it. It would be impossible to deny the fact that the internet is a benefit in many ways. Yet, the temptation is to forget that it has been less than 30 years since the invention of the web and the rise in popularity of the computer and cell phone. This should be a warning, a sign showing how fast a new culture can be sucked into a way of life without being aware of the consequences. While the net has great power for good, the physiological, social, and psychological dangers the internet can pose to a generation of tech-savy youths cannot be ignored.
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