Television Violence On Children 's Health Essay examples

Television Violence On Children 's Health Essay examples

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“National Institute of Mental Health concludes TV violence contributes to increased aggression in youth” (Christina L. Lyons). Violence in children 's media have been increasing dramatically lately as violent acts and crimes increase as well. Most people think that violence in media does not affect children 's lives and the way they interact with others. People believe violent media has no impact in children 's health. But in fact, violent media make violence seem so normal that children start feeling satisfaction when violent acts are being committed. Steven J. Kirsh states “ individuals use TV, movies, video games and other forms of media to have rewarding experiences...violent entertainment must somehow provide fulfillment for children and adolescents” (pg 80 C.A.M.V). Although violence in media have always existed in movies, plays etc.. for mature audience it have become a big problem for concern parents. Violence have been moving into a younger age audience. Now violence can be clearly found in video games, television channels like Disney, Cartoon Network etc... Although many argue that exposing children to violence through media is not harmful I completely disagree, exposing children to violent content only triggers children to act violently.
After many years of research and investigations on the effects of violence in media on adolescents, the United States government decided to enforce some sort of protection to prevent the negative effect violent media was having in adolescents. Christina L. Lyons, a freelance journalist based in washington D.C. stated in her article Media Violence a timeline that shows the history of the input the US government had with the media, In 1915, the Supreme Court allowed states to restrict...

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... either. Christina L. Lyons explains the interaction the government has had with media. In 1915, the supreme court allowed the states to restrict the motion picture industry, however in 1952, the US supreme court overturns decision on state censorship (pg 11). Looking to create a family friendly television environment, the Federal Communications Commission mandated a family viewing hour on TV (Media Violence). In 1982, the National Institute of Mental Health concluded that television violence contributes in increasing aggression in youth (Media Violence). All of the previous dates are important because it is a record of the ways the government has been reacting to violence in the media because of the obvious effects it has in children and adolescents. In the 1990’s, a bill was passed that required television networks
to provide educational programing for children.

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