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Television, The Internet, And Television Essay example

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There are many ways to become educated in the world today such as: TV, the Internet, and more television. On Friday and Saturday nights: who stays up to watch late night shows, that otherwise during the week you would miss? I know that I surely do. While watching those shows it’s almost impossible to miss those reoccurring infomercials on the programs that stat they can actually make you or your children smarter whether it be through some type of online school, going to a educational website such as: or, or a private studying account well known for the SAT or ACT. Guess what? These educational programs actually work. Children grades K- 12 who viewed a couple hours a week of educational programming, performed better on achievement tests over time than their peers who watch more broad entertainment shows, according to researchers at the University of Texas in Austin. Dr. Aletha C. Huston. Television can help educate the general public the most; it can improve the intellectual development of children, notify and update the public, and help increase the range for education availability to everyone nevertheless of who and where they are pertaining to the classroom.
Television can be employed as a great scholastic tool not only in the classroom but in the home environment. Not everything about the effects of television is comprehended in a complete entirely, or specifically about the outcomes on young children, teens, and young adults (there are some many varieties to how it effects the mind). Educational television is appropriate in to help reinforce classwork such as: watching a history channel special on George Washington, while learning about the Revolutionary War. Television also is a great tool in inst...

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...ational television content, containing anywhere from seconds to hours in length. These will be well-organized in such a way that the teacher can quickly find applicable clips, observe clips/videos, and discover links to connected lesson activities. Permitting to grade level, subject, and diverse local, state, and national standards, this material will be categorized. While teachers still play the major role in learning, TV will play a supplementary role, by grasping student interest, concentrating on individual subjects, and accentuating key points. In the approach that best assists not only the students, but the classroom teachers too. By employing new resources the further evolution of TV would be conducted by the stipulation I stated above. Finally finding its niche in education, television, has changed the method delivery for information, and developing the mind.

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