The Television Show Game Of Thrones Essay

The Television Show Game Of Thrones Essay

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This paper will focus on the television show Game of Thrones, a fantasy drama series that centers around seven noble families fighting for the rule over a mythical land. The shows main antagonist (which I will try to complicate in my essay) is the brutal and calculating leader of one of the seven noble families. I want to read Game of Thrones as a show that, depending on the way you look at it, truly doesn’t have an explicit good or bad side. In this series, what appears to be a ruthless villain in Tywin Lannister, is, in fact, a sympathetic character if you understand his life and his motives. Viewers of the show, think of Tywin as a villain because of the evil acts he plots and executes on the other noble families in this fantasy world. However, if we can overlook the evil actions, we can see that Tywin is a very decisive and powerful character. I will point to specific evil actions that Tywin has done throughout the series, but through my close examination of his motives and his past I will show how he complicates our view on him as a truly evil villain.
In the episode, “The Rains of Castamere,” Tywin decisively plots the killing of one of the main protagonists, Robb Stark, and the leaders of his army. This episode left many viewers stunned and angry about how Robb Stark and the rest of the leaders of the Northern army died at what was supposed to be a peaceful wedding ceremony. This was the second time in the series that the main character was ruthlessly killed off with absolutely no way of seeing it coming. This was a truly cruel and savage act that was plotted by Tywin. This goes against all of the honor and moral codes of this time period, but it was what had to be done from Tywin’s point of view. Tywin explained to his ou...

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...he “loves Tywin Lannister even when he is at his most heinous” (Adair). Adair argues that Tywin is loveable because he is brutal and fearsome, but, also, because he is cunning and in control. Adair shows how Tywin isn’t like the rest of the cold-hearted villains in the show because Tywin has a lot of depth to why he does what he does. I can add to what Adair points to in her article by focusing on how Tywin’s intelligence, power, and even his brutality make Tywin a more sympathetic villain. I can add on to Adair’s focus on how Tywin is a “loveable villain” by tying that into Klosterman and Collins’ focus on what makes a sympathetic villain. I want to expand my evidence that Tywin is a sympathetic character by describing and adding to Adair’s specific points about how Tywin is a “loveable character” because he is three dimensional, realistic, and family oriented.

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