Television 's Influence On Modern Society Essay

Television 's Influence On Modern Society Essay

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TV shows have always played a big part of our lives. With such influence on modern society, television shows have the power to shape our culture. On television, the traditional idea of an American family has changed considerably over time. The traditions and values portrayed on the television show Modern Family reinforce a dysfunctional family by discussing issues never spoken about in our modern society and attempting to represent a modern view on the traditional American Family. However, despite their attempts, the show still accentuates stereotypes and unfairly represents our modern society.
The show Modern Family criticizes the traditional family by portraying stereotypical characters in three families with children who form a large extended family; the first family is Jay Pritchett and his beautiful Latin wife who has a young son from her prior marriage, then later has a child with Jay by the name of Joe. The second family is Jay 's daughter, Claire, who together with her husband Phil has a tough time raising her own family. Last is Claire 's brother Mitchell and Cameron, a gay couple who adopted a daughter, Lily from Vietnam.
The first family consists of Jay Pritchett-Delgado who is Mitchell and Claire 's biological father. He owns a closet business and is very wealthy. He gets remarried to Gloria, who is much younger than him; Gloria is a beautiful Columbian woman who has a young son named Manny from her previous marriage. Manny is described as wise and mature for his age. The age difference between Jay and Gloria can indicate that she may have married Jay because he is wealthy, but the couple is truly in love. Jay and Gloria eventually have a child of their own.
The second family is the most traditional out of the three...

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... Asian and he is doing her nails; she comments that it’s racist. Later in the episode, Cameron discovers that Lily has a crush. He advised Lily to look her crush straight in the eye and smile while batting her eyelashes. Cameron tells Lily her to laugh at her crushes jokes while flipping her hair. Lily asks why and He says that by doing that it sends her crush signals.
The show Modern Family uses mockery and stereotypes to criticize the discourses about traditional family. The show is not so modern as it reveals old-fashioned values and stereotypes women as housewives and mothers. The show Modern family clearly does not provide an acceptable portrayal of today’s American women. Modern Family is a non-traditional sitcom with familial values. Modern Family exemplifies the diverse meaning of family held by today’s modern society. Oddly enough, the show is conservative.

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