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Television : Reality Of Fiction Essay examples

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Reality of Fiction
Maybe you want to eat worm-based cakes, or fish eyeballs, or even jump off of a building-- but through the television glass, even the scariest of moments of reality can be entertaining. In the article “Reality Television: Oxymoron,” George F. Will speaks about television desensitizing people to important issues. Many shows broadcast are very violent, causing a domino effect resulting in darker and darker shows designed to compete. George F. Will agrees; reality television is more mainstream drama than “reality.”
As Will watches television, he sees degrading things on most channels. I agree with Will because he brings up many key points about how reality television is getting out of hand. The shows being broadcasted in society now are more violent, and relentless. I came to the conclusion that these shows are getting out of hand and de-sensitizing people. For example, people getting cut up in horror movies, or especially violent fights between people. Things like these are what drove me to come up with the conclusion that reality television shows are currently encouraging people to witness these things; desensitizing them in the process. Reality television is not reality, it is what society wants you to think reality is.
Considering the importance of national televised programs for millions of people to watch, what they see is important. Will states that “Last spring NBC concocted XFL football, promising more violence on the field and more cheerleaders’ breasts on the side lines than the NFL provides” (295). Within one season to failure, NBC concluded that they could not reach high enough levels of perversity in order to rivet the attention of millions of people. NBC literately can not do anything that can peek...

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...ic surgery every time they aired the show. I agree with the author because reality television is focusing more on a title than the actual content of the shows.

In conclusion reality television is not exactly what it looks to be. WILL and I both can see the major effects that “reality” television has on many of people. It creates more violence, perversity, and even can desensitize people to the everyday taboo. When I say taboo I am referring to the shedding of blood, conducting violence, killing, and any other things that degrade humans. I want to stress the fact that many people do not understand because you are taking part of a specific show, it is influencing you in some ways. Weather you realize it or not the many shows that you are watching are changing your thought on society. Let’s try to wake up our society by showing out the shows for what they truly mean.

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