Essay about Television, Radio, And Phone Coverage

Essay about Television, Radio, And Phone Coverage

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Media such as television, radio, and phone coverage are often taken for granted in our society, as if they have always been in existence. It is easy for the population to forget that there was once a time where this technology was new and unfamiliar. What is shocking is that there are people around today who never stepped into a movie theatre until they were 20 years old, and who had never watched TV during their infant years. One such person is a wonderful woman named Linda Ampulski, who agreed to an interview based on media and technology throughout her life. Linda, born in 1952, recently turned 64 years old. She was interviewed her through writing in addition to a short phone call for introductions and filling in details. Linda had grown up during a time when media were solely used on special occasions. Even today, she carries an increasingly restricted mindset around the growing pool of media and technology. For Mrs. Ampulski, media was a social affair, a source of nostalgia, and a root of evil and fear.
Linda’s early childhood was spent in Fort Worth, Texas. There she had a one-room schoolhouse, televisions were in black and white, and radio shows were very popular. Linda described television and radio as a family-oriented pass time growing up. Television specifically was always a special event with the family, and happened only once, maybe twice, a week. Her family would all sit around the tv and watch the children’s programming and cartoons together. The radio, on the other hand, was played much more often. Her family would tune into their daily radio shows, especially in the early morning and mid-afternoon. Linda would sit at the table with her mother, while the radio played in the background, talking about current events...

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... their ritualistic routine of TV or Radio shows, while at the same time Linda’s life went down a more difficult road and her family faced struggles as well. Linda immediately attributed this to the increase of media. She blamed vulgarity, violence, and other crime on the increase of movie violence and invention of the computer. She wholeheartedly believes “video games melt people’s brains, they sit in front of the screen and the photons invade their head without them knowing. It is why this generation is getting dumber!” Media has caused Mrs. Ampulski to fear the world and the people who inhabit it. She thinks she would be in a much better place if the new technology was banned, or had never existed at all. She no longer uses it as a social tool, but as an escape from her fears, and watches old shows so she can feel as if she has gone back in time to the “good days”.

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