Television Is The Main Reason Children Essay

Television Is The Main Reason Children Essay

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It has been argued that television is the main reason children nowadays are not well educated. People claimed that in its attempt to replace the book, and failing, the education among children has been the most affected. Though this statements are logical, given that educational television quality has decreased in the last decade and that it has been recently proved that not all the programs labeled as educational are actually educating children, there are plenty of reasons why children are not educated, others than television. Habits that are not being inherited, and therefore becoming unknown, like the urge of learning or reading may be some of them.

First of all, there is a reason television can not, and never will replace books as a learning tool: The language, more exactly, the communication style they use, is different. Like Dietrich Schwanitz states in his book, Bildung: Alles was man wissen muss or Culture. Everything you need to know, reading forces the lector to get in touch with their understanding skills and imagination, while television uses a more literal, simpler, and familiar language. When reading, information is given to the reader little by little, allowing the person reading the book, process the information until it gets to its own conclusion. This procedure gives the opportunity to the reader of acquiring a higher level of analyzing skills, and more importantly, patience when confronting a situation. On the other hand, television presents an idea that has already been processed, the audience is just watching the result of some one else 's perspective on a topic, whichever that is. (2006)

Secondly, according to the article: Educationally/Insufficient? An Analysis of the Availability & Educational Quality ...

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...d are willing to learn something everyday, or in general have a better education, are not the ones with a better television company, but the ones who were lucky enough to have been taught to make of learning a habit.

In conclusion, television, indeed, has fail as an educational tool, and therefore in its attempt to replace the book. Its lack of good quality content when it comes to education, and the unwillingness of television broadcasters to improve their programming in order to help the development of children are just some of the examples that can prove right that argument. However, it is also true that if children nowadays are not educated, it is no entirely because of television, but of the people that thought television could be use as a replacement of books and accidentally abandon their own reading habits, leaving children without a good example to follow.

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