Essay about Television Is Not A Necessary Medium As A Learning Tool

Essay about Television Is Not A Necessary Medium As A Learning Tool

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For decades, the television has been developed incredibly and it became a part of people’s life. As primary purpose of the media, television has given huge amount of information to the public. People watch the world news every evening in a couch, and get knowledge by watching history or science documentary programs. They are also entertained by the soap operas, films, and reality shows. Because the television is an easy way to get some cultural texts, many people enjoy it for not only an entertainment but also as a learning tool. However, there are a lot of controversies that television is not a sufficient medium as a learning tool compared to the book. Although people can get knowledge through it, the depth of data is always shallow. Moreover, producers prefer to create provocative contents to attract more viewers which is really risky for children who are quite vulnerable to addicting. And I believe that fairly lots of students are less educated because of the television in these days.
First, the reason why public has enjoyed television so long is easiness to access. Once they set up the TV, they can watch whatever channel they want with small remote controller. They don’t have to go theater or reserve tickets for watching. Only they have to do is push the small button and sit on a couch with some snack. Television has had big disadvantage at once. That was the fixed broadcasting time. Hence, if there had not more than two televisions set, someone shouldn’t have watched what he or she wanted. In these days, however, we can enjoy whenever and whatever we want because of the IPTV. “Internet Protocol television (IPTV) provides digital television service over Internet Protocol (IP) for residential and business users at a lower cost...

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...more effective learning tool, and it helps children to build words.
In conclusion, although television has lots of advantages: it is convenient to access and it is financially reasonable, there are more fatal shortcomings of TV. As many producer use sensational materials, it affects children in a negative way like they could imitate violence or sexual abuse. And tele is completely unbeneficial to children’s speech practicing. On the other hand, book has much positive effectiveness on education for children. Because they could get much accurate information and they could improve vocabulary ability while they are reading. Hence, in my opinion, children should spend more time to read book rather than watching television. Reading is much adjuvant means for youngster’s schooling. If they build great store of knowledge, those would show great intangible asset in some days

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