Television, Every American Home Had One By 1960 Essay

Television, Every American Home Had One By 1960 Essay

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1960- With the invention of television, every American home had one by 1960. The first televised debate occurred on September 26, 1960 between Nixon and Kennedy. This changed the political landscape for future campaigns. This was the beginning of an era for people to have access to view the debates in real-time. The television is also used for negative or critical campaign advertisements. An example is Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 campaign spot of the “Daisy Girl”, which is considered a classic negative spot. This commercial only played once but was rebroadcasted many times by the newscasts. Broadcast television was the dominant form of mass media with just three major networks ABC, CBS, and NBC. The news on the networks is expanded form 15 minutes to 30 minutes each night. PBS was formed in the 60’s. Internet was in the beginning stages for private use.
1970- The newspapers and television played an important role in American politics. Watergate and the Pentagon papers were exposed in the Washington Post newspaper. Investigative reporting on television began with a program “60 minutes”. President Nixon resignation and his boarding of the helicopter to depart the White House was televised. The media were reporting the Vietnam War with pictures in print and nightly newscasts. In addition, they were challenging the propaganda supplied by the government. “The Political Persuaders” by Dan Nimmo helped a whole generation of political students and scholars to understand the new partnership between candidates and media specialists. Internet is being developed and tested. VHS, Video games, and Sony Walkman are introduced.
1980-Cable television has nearly 53 million households subscribing. The three networks ABC, NBC and CBS were no longe...

... middle of paper ... and granting personality interviews. Viewers observed Clinton’s ability to translate complex policy and make it understood by the American people. He was the first presidential candidate to introduce himself to the public with free and open questioning. He showed a personal side on the Arsenio Hall show by playing the saxophone and answering a question of wearing boxers or briefs. Not only did this improve his image, but he was more likable.
2012 Mitt Romney campaign became the first political campaign to by a trending topic on twitter #Believein America. This was a corporate marketing approach to get his plan of getting the country on track but with no substance since twitter has a limit of 140 characters. While President Obama became the first president to participate in an “Ask me Anything” on Reddit, which gave the appearance of being transparent and open.

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