Television Coverage Is A Effective Medium Essay

Television Coverage Is A Effective Medium Essay

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Anytime there is a story that involves traffic accidents, television is a very effective medium because it can help convey the emotion that people impacted would have experienced to the viewers. Also, television coverage is a great way to educate people about how to be safe at stop lights/in cars in general. With that being said, the story needs to focus on capturing strong images and sounds that invoke emotion. Also, adding an interview from a reputable source, it can bring comfort to viewers that the information they are receiving is true.
Therefore, to start the story, I would start by playing the screeching of tires sound as someone slams on their breaks and then the sound of a crashing car. While the sound was playing, I’d have an image of a traffic light, turned red, on the screen.
Next, for the six o’clock news, I would recommend getting still shots of the hazardous traffic light areas; such as the intersection of Belvidere and Leigh or Belvidere and Broad. Also, having film of a time lapse of the cars going through some of those stop lights, would be a great way to demonstrate how busy those traffic areas are. During those scenes, have a reporter explaining the rising amount of deaths from running red lights.
Because of those scenes and pictures, the audience watching can relate those intersections to their day to day lives. There’s a good chance the viewers probably have been to those areas or at least recognize them. While making the mental connection of “wow, I drive through there”, they can be informed of how dangerous running a red light can actually be.
Another thing I would do in order to make an effective television story is to do an interview with Traffic Sergeant John Bowman. Being that Bowman ...

... middle of paper ...

... wants to do a memorial for all of the people who died at that intersection, or there’s a County Board meeting to discuss how to make the town safer and the public is invited. This way the audience of readers has an option to get involved if they feel strongly enough about this issue.
Overall, publishing a story in print is not an outdated method of communication. They are best suited to go more into detail about local communities than any other medium. Not only do they effectively communicate locally, but print is the best medium to add more detail. Without the aid of audio and film, the whoever writes the story has the task of being thorough in the details they provide. Even though all of these things are important, the most important thing that print brings to the multimedia table, is the fact that some people just prefer to read a paper over a smart phone.

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