Essay on Television And The Internet Of The Media

Essay on Television And The Internet Of The Media

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After print, various media were invented such as radio, television and the internet to accelerate information flows. The invention of new media led to questions such as whether the medium is of less importance than the content, or whether the new medium results in a different message. The upcoming digital medium is referred to as 'post-digital '. In this post-digital era, the transition of content from paper books to pixel is a debated topic.

In 1964, McLuhan claimed that "the medium is the message"; the medium affects the content and it couches the message. McLuhan 's view can be explained by looking at what is happening to printing today. Currently, information in a printed book is changing into digital media. McLuhan argues before the new electric media were invented, it was not clear that the medium was the message rather the message itself was viewed as the "content" (2001:14). McLuhan 's theory was based on the sense of human perception. He described how new media have directly affected the human central nervous system and changed thought and behaviour patterns. He explains that a human 's life is affected by senses of perception, and also by their job, privacy, thoughts. McLuhan says an equilibrium between technology and humans is important (2001:20-21). If a medium is viewed as a tool to convey a message, eventually the content has more power.
Levinson (2001) applied McLuhan 's concept of media to predict the mutation from print to digital media. The way we receive information was considered more important than the message. He also said that a medium has to have content; without content, it would no longer be called a medium (Levinson, 2001:4). Applying this in the 21st century, reading a book with text might be differ...

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... be revitalized. He suggests for a quick process, digital text was introduced while print ensured stability (2012:7). Ludovico says with the internet the search for information is easy compared to past times (2012:118). The internet made online archiving possible. But, electronic information is not as stable as print. Online providers such as Google, Amazon, Kindle are aware of this problem. Despite the problem of trust, online material does threaten print due to an instability of content. To gain trust, they must provide access to what people have always trusted, printed materials (2012:118). This suggests why skeuomorphism is included in digital design or even why scanning printed copies is started. Ludovico questions why we need to digitise books (2012:118). Perhaps printed book has not gone obsolete as a digitised version will archive the information. (1242 words)

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