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Lack of adequate level of telecommunications infrastructure, human capacity building and capital are some of the challenges developing countries are facing in adopting mobile banking. However (Proenca and Rodrigues, 2011) posits that e-banking enable banks to scale borders, change strategic behaviour and create a lot of new opportunities that can significantly reduce the physical costs of the banking operations.
However, for banks to scale border, they need an agent network which (Berger, 2009), argues that building an agent network is a challenge hindering the growth of mobile phone banking in Malawi. This is because, it is much easier for the banks to negotiate partnership agreements with chain stores because they have centralised administration unlike individuals shop owners. Unfortunately, most of the shops in the rural areas are owned by individuals. This entails negotiating agreements to be made on a store-by-store basis.

Lack of mobile phone banking regulatory framework in developing countries is another challenge hindering the growth of Mobile Banking in developing countries. According to Lyman, et al. (2006) as cited in (Pakistan, 2007) regulatory issues, from a financial regulator’s perspective, concerning mobile banking are related to consumer protection, effect of Mobile Banking on stability of banking and payment systems, legal definition of deposit, e-money regulations and provisions for agency agreements. In Malawi (Berger, 2009) argues that mobile banking is such a new industry that central banks and other government agencies are only now developing regulatory guidelines. Regulators want to ensure that consumers are pro¬tected and that the banks and telecommunications companies do not take on excessive or in...

... middle of paper ... 3g mobile services. Journal of Information Technology Management XXII, , 1-7.
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