Telecommunications Implementation at a Company Essay

Telecommunications Implementation at a Company Essay

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Introduction 3
PBX and Centrex 4
Rotary and DTMF 6
WATS and Leased Lines 7
ISO and OSI 9
Conclusions 11
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Networking and telephony is a part of our everyday environment, whether it be in our homes or in our place of business. We will somehow come into contact with one or the other in some shape or fashion. At Baker, we are no different from any other business. The infrastructure of Baker is not a simple pc and telephone setup. The network incorporates everything from a simple analog line to our data network backbone that is made of T-3 lines, ISND lines, and IPFR provided by the AT&T datacenter. Baker has 30 offices all over the country and a couple of offices in abroad in Europe. I will be discussing the setup of the Houston office, since I am most familiar with this office.

PBX and Centrex

The Houston office of Baker is comprised of three types of phones, well, at least until the company moves into one central location. Currently there are three offices in Houston that are all a block apart. The building that I support houses an old Merlin Legend telephone system. It's funny, because I have to set the date on the voicemail to the year 1999 so that when users check their messages, it will give the correct month and date. The system is comprised of about 100 direct-inward dialed (DIDs), some used as analog and some use as digital lines. The digital lines are ISDN lines that allow for digital transmission of voice and data over ordinary telephone copper wires. Direct-inward dialing routes calls from the outside lines to the PBX, which allows telephone systems to bypass an operator. The PBX then routes the call to the desired extension an...

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... developers a better understanding of how to better design a network and works very well when they have to trouble shoot a problem. The end-users and specialized developers do not necessarily use the OSI model as a business tool to gain more clients, but they are indeed using the concept whenever they go out and market to clients about out hosting abilities.


With the internet and better means of communication being developed on a daily basis, there is going to be a constant change in the way data networks and telephony are today. We have gone from rotary dialed phones, which I can vaguely remember at my grandmother's house to voice recognition cell phones that dial the number for you. We have also went from some crazy number in the past for data travel, like 33 baud/s to what we are at today, reaching speeds that I can't imagine of over 12Mb/s.

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