Telecommunication Systems Used in My Workplace Essay examples

Telecommunication Systems Used in My Workplace Essay examples

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Telecommunication Systems Used in My Workplace
I work for a company called Techtronic Industries, otherwise known as TTI. This company has branches, offices and remote locations all over the world. The developed communication avenues have to venture over land and water to connect its many operations together to maintain its delicate business fabric. Since there are so many facets of communication facets needed, there has been great planning and skill poured into its network telecommunication systems.
I will focus primarily on the South Carolina location into which we have many different telecommunication devices operating to create this system. The four areas I will discuss are the:
1) Customer Service Center
2) Inventory Management Department
3) Product Design Department
4) Field Personnel and Managers
The customer service centers use a series of computers and phone systems alike to monitor and respond to customer service needs. They have a series of computers networked in a system similar to a “Ring Topology”. There is one central hub, or data access point, into which the incoming messages derive from. This point is also the area into which they can access the SAP system (involves inventory management as well) to order parts for customers, or to see if they are still in production. All of the information being sent from the terminals goes through one final screening service before they can be received by customers, and/or consumers.
The inventory management department basically runs most of its systems through a star topology as well and they also heavily with the SAP system for monitoring its inventory levels. There are also certain terminal points that will be able to connect to the company intra...

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...utside of the initiating body. A business may want to have their phones lines connected within the business, but don’t want to the responsibility of taking care of the hardware.

4) The layers of the International Organization for Standardization-Open Systems Interconnection (ISO-OSI) model-
ISO was founded in 1947 and was/is composed of many different representatives from many nations that create certain rules and guidelines when it comes to the industrial landscape. It is not a government, but has many times created rules that are applied to all participating nations in the forms of laws. OSI is a similar type of idea, but does not deal with industrializing. It deals with the standardization of networking in which it is composed of various vendors of networking hardware to create a standard for the market into which they would all use a common platform.

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