Essay about The Telecommunication Industry

Essay about The Telecommunication Industry

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The way people communicate with each other is changing during the last years.
The Telecommunication industry has become very important for the business since the technology mark his way broadly (Chong et al., 2007). Thought the year’s technology has made enormous steps and has facilitated the development of peoples’ life style. More and more people are interested to stay connected with families, relatives and also with their business. As the television and the radio has developed the telephone has also make his way and welcome mobile phone connection. Nevertheless the need for fixed phone connection for some homes and businesses cannot be ignored. Customer needs and wants are important to know and salvage because by knowing what customers want, efforts can be made to keep customer more and more satisfied. By the other hand, changes can take place within company. For instance, in 1999, Benetton (the big Italian clothing store) came up with a new diversification plan for the store (Bridges, 1991). In chapter one of the book Managing Transitions, Making the Most of Change, Bridges (1991) claims that opposite to transition (physical), change is a situational aspect. When talking about change people worry more about the results of what that change will produce then on the transition process itself (Bridges, 1991, chap.1).
According to the Service & Market Manager of Fixed Services, M. Hernandez (personal communication, 15 March 2010): “Based on agreements with the Bureau Telecommunications & Post and the Minister of Traffic and Transportation, United Telecommunication Services (UTS) has introduced since December 1st, 2009 a monthly fee for telephone subscription with the amount of ANG 25,- per telephone line (Basic ...

... middle of paper ...

...stry. Info Vol. 4(6), 50-60.

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