Teens Face Prison Time For Cormack High School Cyber Attack And Cheating Scandal

Teens Face Prison Time For Cormack High School Cyber Attack And Cheating Scandal

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“Three teens face prison time for Cormack High School cyber attack and cheating scandal”
Last October, three teenagers from Long Island, New York were brought to court after being suspected of hacking into their school’s computers and changing students’ grades and schedules three months prior. Daniel Soares, the suspected leader of the operation, allegedly “broke into Commack High School after school hours and installed a device known as a ‘key log’ to a school computer. It enabled him to collect logins and password credentials while operating remotely from his home,” and now faces up to eleven years of prison time if convicted. His two accomplices, Alex Mosquera and Erick Vaysman, each face up to four years in prison for charges on soliciting Soares for favors.
The incident at Commack High School demonstrates severity of unprincipled academic behavior; such acts of academic misconduct can lead to punishments like suspension and expulsion, or even worse, jail sentences and convictions. Another point worthy of notice is the fact that all three suspects involved in the incident were seventeen years old; one does not have to be of legal age to face litigation and conviction for acts of academic dishonesty. It is unfortunate that these students may have to lose the most valuable years of their lives as a consequence of the mistakes they made in their high school days, but it is a price that they have to pay due to the severe implications of their crimes.
While students are often the prime suspects in reported acts of cheating, academic dishonesty from teachers and professors is also a notable area of deceit that pursuers of research, education, and scholarship must watch out for and is presented in the next case st...

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...y not allowed to work with others on their problem sets. “It’s bad,” he said. “Collaboration is so important in academic learning.”
All three of the students’ comments communicate one underlying truth: academic dishonesty leads to a loss of opportunity. When members of the class of Government 1310 decided to betray “the trust upon which intellectual inquiry at Harvard depends,” they relinquished chances for future success at Harvard, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. Half of the class consisted of Harvard Crimson varsity team athletes that lost a year of Ivy League eligibility when forced to withdraw. These students may have only shared a note or two when completing their assignment, but when they breached the Harvard motto “Veritas” (“Truth”) they also lost the trust of their peers and dealt a damaging blow to their academic reputation.

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