Teens and Premarital Sex

Teens and Premarital Sex

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The Impure Waterwheel

Have you ever seen a watermill? Turning continuously, they are bound in an eternal cycle. Continually spinning,, the lack of purity in the United States can be compared to that watermill, a never-ending cycle that threatens to spin out of control. We must intercede. Sex out of wedlock creates dysfunctional families, and teens searching for “more” in life, who often turn to the reason they're feeling so glum, sex.
Having sex out of wedlock is a big problem in the United States that needs to stop. Strained by relationships on the verge of collapse and peer pressure, many teens turn to sex as an escape. Hardly sixteen, Jamie Lynn Spears is an excellent example of how family problems can pressure someone to do things they know they shouldn’t. Jamie Lynn’s sister, Brittany Spears, is undergoing extensive criticism from the media about her recent mental breakdown, this pressure from the paparazzi has taken its toll on Jamie Lynn’s life and she made a bad choice, as so many young people today do. With the baby, that so often follows sex out of wedlock many times a “family” is quickly formed out of girlfriends and boyfriends who think they’re “in love”. In many cases, one of the parents will leave, forming yet another dysfunctional family.
Dysfunctional families are often unloving and make childhood difficult. Wrestling with their own problems many single parents will simply hang their children out to dry. Basically neglected, children deem themselves extremely reviled and not good enough. Off this assumption of worthlessness, many young people will label or allow themselves to be labeled as “unloved”. Hated by their parents, or at least feeling they’re hated, teens will go to extensive lengths to find self-worth. While they realize they will never be able to replace their parent’s love, adolescents will always try to find meaning.
Teens will search for something “more” in life, which they never got in their childhood always. If they feel they can’t earn their parent's love young people will turn to other things to satisfy their need to be accepted. Grossly, many teens turn to drugs or alcohol to try to forget their life. Tortured by life, some people turn to popularity to appease their soul, but none of these alternatives can. Craving love, many teens turn to sex as an alternative to facing reality, or simply as a place to find the love they’ve never felt.

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The infinite sequence maintains.
Teens look for something more in life after their dysfunctional families make them feel unloved because they were born out of wedlock, and those teens often turn to the reason they feel so glum, sex. Many people argue that the chain of impurity in America will end eventually and we simply need to wait it out. Waiting for this watermill to break won’t help, someone will just fix the waterwheel and the process will start all over. Bravely, some people have spoken out about this problem, driving a blow to the waterwheel of impurity, one person can’t destroy a problem so big though, other voices must be heard. The impure waterwheel will terminate.

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