Teenagers Intertwined with Technology and Social Media Essay

Teenagers Intertwined with Technology and Social Media Essay

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Technology has been involved in people’s lives forever, especially in the Millennial Generation. This generation consists of individuals born between the years of 1982-2004. The articles “The Flight From Conversation,” “Teens and Technology 2013,” and “Leading The Charge For Change” deals with teens interacting with technology today.Each article has different topics, but they connect through the over dependence of teens to technology. The Millennial Generation becomes less and less in touch with the real world and morphs into a quasi-reality.
“The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle talks about communication skills in reality veruses using social networks and other forms of technology. The article can be broken down into four sections. Section one is people relying on devices to communicat
e. The article says, “ We’ve become accustomed to a new way of being “alone together”( Turkle). Maybe a person is alone in reality but connected online. The second section focuses on how individuals can edit their life by technology. It is never the unfiltered version. An example fro...

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