Essay on Teenagers And Young Adults Are Hearing From Their Parents

Essay on Teenagers And Young Adults Are Hearing From Their Parents

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“Back in my day we didn’t have as many nice things as you do now”. This seems to be the case of many teenagers and young adults are hearing from their parents. The world has become more of a technological place with television, cellphones, and the infamous internet which seems to be the number on distraction for young adults. Technology does a pretty good job of taking time away from students and young adults. Parents nowadays didn’t have the technology before them as kids do today. Parents back in school were able to put a lot more time in the books, like the average, every hour of class they would study up to three to four hours on the assignments. Today students are lucky to study at least one hour for every hour of class. Technology seems to draw away their attention. Students today have an unbelievable amount of distractions, whether it is the internet, video games or socializing, they seem to push off homework and first get on the computer. The theme of students not doing well as their parents are distractions that take away their time. A lot of students spend hours behind the television screen. Some students watch the news, but quite a few of them are watching reality television. This has a huge impact on teens and young adults. Most teens that watch reality television tend to not do so well in their school work. Most television shows are biased, the let you watch only

what the program lets you watch. This in turn manipulates teenager’s brain into thinking different things. The television is a very powerful motivator for teenagers and young adults. Teenagers see what they want to see on the television set. Unfortunately, most television stations only allow what they want you to watch. Cellphones are a big distraction whe...

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... In this case your brain does short studies on one task, then moves to the other then back again. In the mean time you are losing the knowledge you just gained by trying to master the other task that you are trying to do. In this case with teenagers in school, there losing their on the assignments before them and concentrating too much energy of the distraction.

To complete this essay, I have grown up in a society that is run with technology and continues to be run by it. My parents didn’t grow up in the same kind of environment as I am now. They didn’t have as many distractions as I do when they were in school. The biggest distractions in today’s world for students and young adults are cell phones, television and the advent of the internet. Distraction have ate up student’s free time, time they could have been studying for that one class to get a better grade.

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