Teenagers And Drinking Should Be Banned Essay

Teenagers And Drinking Should Be Banned Essay

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Teenagers and Drinking
Nowadays, the practice of alcohol without permission in teenager is increasing especially among the age of 18-21 years old. Allowing teenagers drink when they are eighteen years old instead of twenty- one is the issue that was considered by the parents, adult, and the government. Most of them are worried that not letting teens drink may lead to the worse situations such as using drugs and other dopes. Some others said that letting teens drinking will reduce the amount of illegal drinking. For example, in my neighborhood, the young people often gather a crowd together to talk and drink when they have a free time or celebrating when they have a good news. In addition, one of them couldn’t control themselves and led to a squabble and fighting each other. Moreover, few of them drove home when they got drunk that lead to an accident. In the article, “It’s Time to Let, Teenagers Drink Again,” Camille Paglia states that teenager should be allowed to drink at 18 years old like they have a right to vote, marry and participating in an army. In addition, she showed that the prohibition of drinking at 21 can lead the young people into drugs world and antisocial behaviors. Their health will get worse if they still be prevented by the law of the U.S. On the other side, the number of drunk driving death is decreasing compare with other reasons of traffic accidents. Moreover, some nations perceive beer is a heathy food and they also have organizations or events, and let the teenagers drink alcohol. Overall, there are many reasons such as teenager won’t get troubles, teenagers use drugs instead of drinking and the positive effective for the health.

One reason teenagers should be allowed to drink is the decreasing of il...

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... they are good for the health if people know how to drink it wisely and limited. Some doctor advice the patience should add one glass of red wine a day to their meal because it can reduce some risks such as the problem of blood clots, heart disease and lower bad cholesterol. As a result, our government should reduce the limit of drinking for teenagers for a heathier country.
If the current law can be change, it will help teenagers prevent drug, criminal, unexpected accidents, and stay healthy for their life. Furthermore, lower drinking age from 21 to 18 could give teenagers the chances to interact with society, having more responsibilities for themselves, and building social skill for their future. Ultimately, drinking is very common among the age between 18-21, so why don’t we change the policy that not only help teenagers, but also improve the national behaviors.

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