Teenage Use of Steroids

Teenage Use of Steroids

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Did you know that 1.5 million Teens admit to using steroids? That is staggering right, but 62.5% percent of those users do it to improve their appearance. The cause of this is to build bigger muscles and dramatically improve their athletic performance and endurance. Also you probably hear about star athletes being stripped of their awards because they were using performance-enhancing drugs to improve their body’s natural muscle-building process. These star athletes are role models for young people so if they use drugs to perform better, then young people will follow their example, possibly injuring their own health. So you probably wonder what steroids or performance-enhancing drugs can do to you, they can cause you have heart attacks and develop a significant risk of liver disease and liver cancer. As you see the side effects of using steroids out weigh the positive effects of using steroids substantially.

Steroids cannot only effect the way you look it can affect your well being and health. So you probably wonder how it can affect your heath. Imagine you were taking a medicine that is beneficial to you physically that’s was prescribed by a doctor but, you were over using it. So you probably know that overusing medication can be dangerous and you would be putting your life in danger. That’s what is happening to steroid users who use steroids to improve their athletic performance, which are illegal in the United States to use for unnecessary reasons. So statistics show that most steroid users in the black market overuse steroids which we all know can be life threating if you overuse any medication. So some of the side effects are extreme acne on the face, back, and chest; liver damage cancer; and heart disease. Steroids can also cause deep depression and suicidal thoughts.

How does steroids affect your career as a star athlete? All your awards will be stripped and you will be acknowledged as a cheater by your fans, which believed in you. Imagine you were one of the players that competed with somebody and they won. Then, you found out they were using steroids you would be probably mad and feel cheated because you were not using steroids to improve your athletic performance and you improved your athletic performance naturally. You would also lose your role in being an athlete and suspended to play games forever. This would also effect you financially to since you lost your job you have no more money coming in and could potentially make your house foreclose and your cars since you would not be to pay on them.

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How do steroids affect your personal life? Steroids can increase irritability and aggression when that happens people probably will not wont to be around you. So think would you want to be around someone that is aggressive probably not. So you could lose your friends and the ones your care about most. So when you are using steroids your friends and family can turn against you and not want to see you. Do you think using steroids to improve athletic performance is worth losing your family and friends? Probably not so you should never use steroids just for a performance-enhancing drug because it can mess you whole life up.

Steroids may improve athletic performance and endurance but the negative effects outweigh the positive effects substantially. It is not worth using steroids because it not only affects your health it affects your athletic career because steroids is banned and they can suspend your games or end your career as an athlete. So you should never use steroids because the health imposing health risk and losing your whole life.

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